About Us / FAQs

What is the fee structure?

Please click to download and view the fee structure of the school.

What is the withdrawal period after taking admission?

The withdrawal date is stated on the Application Form. Parents wishing to withdraw their child from school during an academic term need to provide a prior notice to the School Office. Please contact the school office for any further queries.

Are students allowed to have pocket money?

No. Students are forbidden from keeping pocket money. Any emergency purchases are taken care of by the School. During Bazaar Outings, each student is allotted a certain amount of money by the School. This is accounted for in the payment procedure during admission.

Is there is a laundry service on campus?

Yes. At the beginning of the academic year, parents are requested to label their child’s uniform and other clothes with his name and unique identification number provided by the school. The label should be attached on the collar of the school uniform.
Once a week, student’s clothes are picked by the laundry service. Washed and ironed, they are returned in a day.

Does the school provide uniforms?

Yes. Please click to download and view the list of items provided by the school.

Are students allowed to take holidays between term breaks?

The School’s Annual Fixtures are given at the beginning of the academic year and can be viewed at any point on the website. Exeats (Terms breaks) are marked in the fixtures and are followed strictly. Additional Holidays in case of emergencies are granted at the discretion of the Principal.

Are students allowed to keep snacks with them?

No. Students are not allowed to keep any eatable items with them. Breakfast, Snack Break, Lunch, Tea and Dinner are provided by the school.

Are students allowed to keep personal religious items?

Personal religious items can be kept by the students at the discretion of the Principal.
Catholic students are encouraged to attend mass every Sunday at St. Joseph’s Church, Panchgani while students belonging to other faiths are encouraged to sit in slight prayer and meditation at St. Peter’s Church, opposite the school.

Can students possess personal cell phones?

Possession of cell phones is strictly prohibited. Each student is allowed to call home once in two weeks and is encouraged to write a letter every Saturday.
Apart from monthly calls, students are allowed to make calls on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. International calls are allowed at the school office.

If a student has a certain medical condition (For eg: Asthma) that requires medication to be taken daily, what is the procedure?

If the child suffers from a medical condition that requires attention daily, the parents should meet the hospital-in-charge with regards to the specifications as well as provide the medicines that are required. Specific Hospital timings are scheduled daily. The hospital will ensure your child is well taken care of.

Is sports equipment provided by the school? (For eg: Cricket Bat and Ball)

All sports equipment is provided by the school. Students are allowed to bring indoor board games as well as story books to keep in their dormitories.

Will students be provided with the necessary study material? (For eg: notebooks, textbooks, stationary)

Yes. All academic material (including art supplies) is provided by the school along with essential stationary. If required, additional notebooks and stationary is available to the students at the school office. Students are allowed to bring their own personal stationary.

How often can parents meet their child?

Parents are strictly not allowed to meet their child during the academic term. During Exeats, Parents are allowed to meet their children. Our main extra-curricular activities such as Sports Day, Annual Day, Variety Programme and Arts & Science Exhibition are held on Exeat Days when parents are given the opportunity to cheer their children’s genius on display. Birthdays and Emergency meetings are granted at the discretion of the Principal.

How are parents informed about excursions?

Parents are informed about school excursions and camps by the school office via phone calls or a circular is mailed.

In case of an emergency, is there accommodation for Parents on Campus?

The school does not provide accommodation for visiting parents.

When can parents meet the school teachers about the progress of their child?

Open Day is held at the end of each term. Parents receive report cards of their child’s performance on each unit of examination conducted and get to meet the teacher – a perfect opportunity to connect and cooperate for the benefit of your child. If Parents are unable to attend the Open Day, the report cards are mailed to them.

Does a Parent Teacher Association exist at St. Peter’s?

Yes. The committee of the St. Peter’s PTA meets in July, October and February each year to discuss the necessary and existing developments of the school and the concerns raised by parents. A parent is selected to represent each division of every class. Involved parents can understand the challenges the school faces and become part of the solution.

How do parents receive updates on their child’s progress?

To keep parents up-to-date on the progress and growth of their child, a Parent Login has been established. The Parent Login can be accessed through the website using the unique ID and password assigned.