About Us / History

Established during the dying decades of the British Rule, St. Peter’s School has successfully blended the best of both cultures to provide a nurturing and enlightening environment for young minds. The mighty walls of St. Peter’s were founded in 1902, by the Colonial and Continental Church Society, London.

Formerly known as European Boys School, it was situated in the Boys Section of Kimmins Girls School, Panchgani until the main school building was erected. The construction was completed in 1904, after which it came to be known as St. Peter’s School.

Initially constructed for Anglo-Indian students, St. Peter’s has grown to accept students from diverse backgrounds, sects and nationalities.

Post Indian Independence, Principal O.D Bason was the first Principal of St. Peter’s School. The school grew manifold during his reign – academically and infrastructurally. Facilities such as the school hospital, additional dormitories and the school kitchen were introduced during this time. The school celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1954.

An important landmark event in the history of the school took place on 1st May,1961 when the management of the school passed from the Common Wealth and Continental Church Society, London to the Bombay Diocesan Society for Educational, Medial and Welfare Work. The former society had governed the school for 55 years. A tablet in the school hall affirms this milestone. With the change in management, the Bishop to Bombay ceased to be the Chairman of the Board of Governors and had been replaced by the Archdeacon of Poona (today known as Pune).

In 1969, the school’s management, control and property were transferred to the Society of St Peter’s School, Panchgani, a registered Trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950. Since then, all school matters have been undertaken by the Society.

Mr O.D Bason retired as Principal after 27 years of service. His vision for the school, conviction, and dedication will always be remembered. To commemorate this great visionary, Bason Hall was constructed and named in his honor.

Adapting to changing times and needs of society, the school has worked towards intellectually empowering its students while keep them grounded in culture. In 1987, the school introduced computer studies as a compulsory subject for all classes. A dedicated computer lab was set up and has since been an agent of change in the school. These early endeavors of the school paved the way to pioneering initiatives such as the E-Journal that connects students to their peers across various schools and continents.

Over the years, to provide focused learning and undivided attention to its students, the management added several classrooms as well as established a separate Junior school building.

St. Peter’s school completed a Centenary in 2004. The school is constantly expanding its horizons and working towards its vision for the betterment of the students.