Academics / Extra Curriculars


From drinking the wild air to turning trash to treasure, students face their fears and step out of their comfort zones.
The unknown is replaced with curiosity by putting on boots and reclaiming roots.
Eco camp is encompassing and enthralling.
Each class is taken for a camp - different timelines, different places.
Archery, rock-climbing, insects and tents are part of the experience.
Group presentations and report writing ensure evaluation and assessment as well as exchange of perspective. It is a channel that awakens your child towards questioning, understanding and practicality.
He’ll live on the edge, not under the rock.


“Think left and think right and think low and think high,
oh! the thinks you can think up!”

-Dr Seuss

At St. Peter's, after endless thinking, we thought out opportunities that will lead our students to realize and release their passions, ideas and opinions.
We point the way.
Your child will mark the trail to inspire others.
Different fields to tap different geniuses; each activity is directed towards critical thinking, decision-making and time management.
Your child will craft his space, speak his mind, write out of the box, leave crowds spellbound, and quiz his way to gold (the medal not the metal).

Debate Competition
Creative Writing Competition
Elocution Competition (Hindi and English)
Quiz Competition
General Knowledge Competition
Spelling Bee Competition
Painting Competition
Handwriting Competition
Arts and Science Exhibition


Numbers alone do not determine where your child stands.
Huddle and heart will set him apart.
Focus, commitment and skill to the field belong;
Our goal is to make both mind and body strong.
Tested through seasons and semesters, your child will brave it out.
At St. Peter’s, sports is the ace card you always have.
All students have to compulsorily pick a sport/game of their choice as well as participate in the sport of the season.
Students who excel in their field of sport are sent to compete at Taluka, District and State Level championships.

Carom - June
Football - July
Badminton - August
Athletics - September
Volleyball / Basketball - November
Sports Day - December
Cricket - January - February
Hockey - March
Table tennis - Throughout the year


Battlefields are crossed through textbooks.
Problems solved and words written up in notes.
But true discovery lies not in theory.
It exists in the reality of the here and now.

Our industrial visits take off where the classroom leaves:
Students visit farms, jam factories, dairies, museums to name just a few.
Our trips blend teaching methods to evoke ideas and help your child meet the real world.
An occasional and spontaneous, Nature Trail is also included in the curriculum.


At St. Peter’s, education is a scholarship of engagement.
Apart from revisions and homework, productivity is achieved at SUPW class.
SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) Class equips students with basic skills like electrical repairs, plumbing, stitching and woodcraft.
Our students are steered towards leading informed, productive and successful lives.