Academics / Foreign Exchange

NASA Trips

We just don't convince our students to reach for the stars, we simply let them.
With St. Peter's, your child will defy gravity. Literally.
Once a year. 5 days.
2 cities (New York and Washington, D.C.)
Right from shuttle tours to fire drills and control room workshops,
It's rocket science!
We take students to NASA to experiment, feed their curiosity and meet people of substance.
The Museum of Natural History, Lincoln Memorial, Pentagon, Empire State Building and the mighty White House are all part of the experience.
The lessons learnt leave your child enriched.

Exchange Programme

You never know if you never try.
Your child should score his best in a subject that matters - himself.
His overall growth supersedes our educational agenda.
Taking a leap of faith to instigate leaps of faith.
St. Peter's has set up a student exchange program.
An intercultural learning experience that brings global cultures together.
It's an all access pass to explore and discover.
New cultures, new language, new friends and new family.
It's home away from home.
Connected with Stedelikj College, Eindhoven (Netherlands), students are allowed to swap houses and schools.
Host families are ambassadors of their culture.
This instrument of exchange broadens perspective, builds self-confidence and provides a platform for sharing values and mind sets for both - family and student.
The exchange program transforms.
Your child catches on to 'Be the type of person you want to meet'

Study Tours

If time and resources permitted, we would have taught your child through Around-the-World-in-80-days.
In a close attempt, we dedicate winter break to Study Tours.
Study Tours are trips that give your child a world wide view.
12 days of exploration and experiential education.
Students are accompanied by their teachers.
Parents are informed in the month of August with the details of the tour and their consent is asked for within the next 1 ½ month.


We erase boundaries of learning so that our students colour outside the lines.
Pioneering this system of expression and exchange, St. Peter's recently introduced E-Journals
E-journals connects our students to peers in different schools.
Part of this program is undertaken with students from 2 Netherland Schools and 4 Indian Schools while the Art E-Journal is undertaken with Kimmins Girl School and Paaskytie School (Finland).
Students are encouraged to interpret the theme/ assignment in a form of art – Painting, Poetry and Essay.
With technology bridging the gap, our students videoconference with their contemporaries from across the world.
Students learn to present their ideas and imaginations.
Language Learning, Cultural Connection and Constructive Criticism are the take-aways.
International Certificates acclaimed at University Scholarship Committees are a bonus of these programs.