Admission / Procedure

Admission Procedure


Application Form

A thirst to learn.
A spirit of enthusiasm.
The potential to change.
& the completed application form
are all your child needs to start the process.

You can take a guided tour of the school. Wall the mighty corridors of St. Peter's.


Student Assesment

Ideas, dreams and curiosity are fully explored at St. Peter's.

To ensure that your child possesses a questioning mind that seeks answers,
we have a few questions for him.



Your child's test scores reveal his academic history.
However numbers do not talk about the student:

Who he is and what he will be at St. Peter's.

Meeting the student along with his parents will help us to get to know him better.


Offer Letter

You are almost done.

It's a short eager wait.
An offer letter will now follow, officially inviting your child to St. Peter's School.


Payment Of Fees

One last step.

Once this is done, your child will become an alumnus of St. Peter's School.


Rules & Regulations

  1. The school expects total cooperation of parents.

  2. All official correspondence must be addressed directly to the Principal and not to other members of the staff or sent through children’s letters; otherwise attention is not guaranteed.

  3. At the commencement of the Academic year, a copy of the School Fixture is sent to the parents, which includes holidays and Exeats. For the efficient running of the School & ensuring a smooth academic pursuit by your son at school, students will not be allowed Exeats at odd times except those mentioned in the Fixture. Parents will avoid embarrassment to themselves & disappointment at not being given permission for such Exeats. Leave to attend weddings of next to kin and other functions at home is not usually granted.

  4. The Principal is at liberty to alter, add to or repeal any regulation given in the Prospectus, without assigning any reason. However, the school shall inform Parents guardians of any such changes.

  5. It is expected that all payments must be made by the due date specified from time to time. Anyone not clearing arrears within the stipulated time will be required to pay a fine of Rs. 100/- per day, commencing from the due date. No application for remission of the fine charged will be considered.

  6. Children for whom fees have not been paid up-to-date may be prevented from taking school or public examinations.

  7. Transfer certificate will not be issued to a student until all outstanding amounts are cleared.

  8. If a bill is not received by the Parents, it will not be accepted as a reason for withholding Payment of Fees. Fees can always be sent pending receipt of the bill. In the same way any dispute with regard to a bill sent will not be held sufficient ground to excuse the withholding of the regular dues. The exact amount of a bill should be paid in every case. Kindly contact the school office in this regard.

  9. While sending a Draft for payment of fees, the Parents must always quote the child’s account number allocated by the school.

  10. Cost of replacement will be charged for breakages, damages and losses.

  11. The Principal can, in the interest of the school and without giving any reason, ask a Parent to withdraw a student during the Academic Year or at the End of the Current Term, should the boy’s conduct, behaviour or influence, in the Principal’s opinion, be in any way detrimental to the principles/working of the School.

  12. Parents are informed in advance of the exact dates of the commencement of the Academic Year & the beginning of each term thereafter. They should ensure that the children join on the first day of each term, and do not leave the campus until the Principal grants permission. During Exeats the pupil should report back to school on the specified day before 6 p.m. On late reporting, the pupils are charged a fine of Rs. 1000/- per day.