Campus / Dormitories


Prepare your child in advance. Tell him:

St. Peter’s has seven dormitories :



Taking you back to Colonial Times, Rhodesia was the first dormitory to be built along with the original School structure.


Jubilee Hall

Expanding its wings and achieving academic success through the years, Jubilee Hall commemorates the Diamond Jubilee of the school in 1964.


Bason Hall

Every school has its heroes. O.D Bason, is one of the most respected Principals of St. Peter’s School, directing the school institution from 1947 – 1974. Bason Hall is named in remembrance of those glory days.


Albert House and Flora House

These dorms were initially a part of Charbangla : Flora House, Mary Cottage, Albert House and Yellow Rose.
Flora House is now a dormitory by itself.
To provide better facilities and more space, Yellow Rose and Albert House were combined.


Lawrence Villa

This dorm takes you back to the 50’s. Previously a hotel named Savoy, it was leased by the school and subsequently purchased in the 1980’s.



This is the School’s latest addition. Previously housing the school staff, this dormitory is now paving the way for the new additions in school – the toddlers: Classes 1 and 2.