Campus / Entertainment

Birthday Celebrations

Some days, students fuss over nothing.
Some days, we fuss over them.
Birthdays give us an excuse to do so.
Packed with balloons, loud cheers, melodious choir and cakes.
Yes, each child gets a personalized cake.
Candles are blown and wishes are sung.
The atmosphere is perfect.
Student and Faculty ‘birthdays of the month’ are celebrated with the entire school.
The more the merrier!
Birthday Celebrations are a St. Peter's ‘special feature’.
We share more than wisdom together.

Movie Nights

Saturday evenings are all play and no pause.
There is also silence.
Students are at their best and most attentive.
Movie nights.
All movies screened are at the discretion of the Principal and Teachers.

Variety Programme

Every good book ends with a chapter that thrills.
At St. Peter’s, every semester ends with applause.
At the Variety Programme, students turn into artists, actors, dancers, singers and even choreographers!
To star in skits, musicals, recitals.
Words fall short to describe the performances presented by each class.
Both teachers and students sweat it out to set the scenes, stage the day and make it a performance to remember.

Bazaar Outings

We love to spoil our students (a little and occasionally).
Stepping into town, once in two months; anticipation is fulfilled.
Students are given a fair share of pocket money to indulge in mini delights and treats.