Campus / Facilities


Rustic stairs lead to oversized windows and sunbeams.
But the aroma of antiquity holds you captive.
Like fresh mud and first rains.
Welcome to St. Peter's library.
Massive atlases, worn-out hardcovers, journals, magazines, mysteries, battles, encyclopedias and crinkly yet neatly wrapped books, fill mighty wooden bookshelves and cover the old lacquered tables.
There are endless categories to shuffle through.
We agree that, “Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” (Mason Cooley)
Hence, every Saturday, students are encouraged to pick a book of their choice.
To absorb, grasp, imagine alternatives and pen down perspectives.
They write about the written.


We assert that good habits die hard.
So, here’s to shin splints & sweaty t-shirts.
Perseverance & sore muscles.
Dumbbells & push ups.
Stinky socks & 7am spirits.
Muscles gained & a few pounds lost.

St Peter’s Gym has state-of-the-art equipment and is open to senior students (9th and 10th) only. Students follow their routines under the guidance of the Sports Instructor.


Boys will be boys.
We have our share of scrapes and bruises.
And the odd sniffle and fever. But no worries.
Welcome to St. Peter’s on- campus hospital.
A warm smile and motherly embrace will greet you.
Sr. Rebecca Eleson runs the infirmary with an assistant.
Well-equipped, the hospital covers first aid, critical medical situations and regularly evaluates student health. Food inspections are conducted fortnightly.
Giving back in full measure, Dr Abhay Deshpande, an alumnus, runs a daily evening clinic at the hospital.
Every September, a medical camp is conducted by the Chowgule Medi Consult doctors. The overall medical report is mailed to parents.
At the commencement of each academic year, students are required to submit a health record that includes health history and a recent physical exam.
Board games, story-telling and comfort food are included in our therapy.
No stone is left unturned in our attempt to fill in a parent’s shoes.
We care with great love, 24 hours, 7 days a week. All the time.

Counseling Centre

Temper tantrums terrorize
Insomnia interferes.
Loneliness lurks.
and Panic attacks.
We are there to calm the storms, turn weakness into strength and light up smiles.
The Counseling Centre is open to students through the day. Study skills, time management, personal guidance are the support that the center offers