Campus / Houses

We are different. Difference is good, because it means diversity. Diversity means creativity and growth. We celebrate difference.

Healthy and positive competition leads to bigger and better victories.
Working as a team leads to triumph. There is learning in defeat too.
We steer our students to imbibe values and qualities like leadership, team spirit and compassion through a system of rewards and recognition.

St. Peter’s School is divided into four houses:

Ashlin and Drury are the initial and original houses that are named after Lady Ashlin who founded the School and Mr. J Drury, Principal (1919 – 1921).

Post 1941, the school witnessed a huge influx of students. In order to accommodate the growing number, the school established two new houses namely Rowan and Cornwill. Cornwill derived its name from Rev. S. Cornelius Williams, a benefactor of the school while Rowan was named after Thomas Rowan, Principal (1908 – 1918).

Each student is assigned to a house to which he will stand true till the end. House competitions make sure that standards fly high. Each house has a House Master and two student representatives.

Being a member of any particular house gives the students a sense of belonging. They learn the rules of fraternity from their seniors; they learn to give respect in the same measure as they expect to earn it when their turn comes.