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St. Peter's School


Established 1904

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St. Peter's School


Established : 1904

112th Annual Athletic Meet

Feb 06, 2017 / STPS

“Sports does not build character, sports reveals it”  –  John Wooden

Our sports day celebration provides a great platform to the students to show case the spirit of sportsmanship.

The significance of sports and games in the overall personality development of our students is not overlooked by us, here at St. Peter’s. It teaches them to win honorably, lose gratefully, respect authority, work with others, manage their time and stay out of trouble.

This event works as a medium to channelize the abundant energy in the right direction and help children realize that the road to athletic greatness is not marked by perfection but the ability to constantly overcome adversity and failure.

The inauguration of our 112th Annual Athletic Meet commenced at 9.00 a.m on the 10th of December. It was a glorious day with congenial weather for a long span of games on the field. Our esteemed chief guest Mr. Cyrus Barucha hoisted the flag and the sports meet was declared open by freeing pigeons as well as colorful helium balloons in the sky.All the children were so well groomed in their white uniforms, it was a sight to watch and admire.

First and foremost was the junior drill display with hoola-hoops. They were well   coordinated and flawless. The senior drill display followed with the boys using dumbbells for their special formations of STPS and 2016 respectively. Both the juniors and seniors mesmerized their audience with their energetic performances. After this exciting start, the various events lined up for the day quickly progressed. The 80 meter run by novices and midgets, sack race of class 2 and 3 , 100 meter run by seniors middles and juniors and a funny race by class 2 and 3 .

200 meter race by seniors, middles, juniors and midgets to name a few. One by one the events took place in a very well disciplined manner and the winners listed were raised on the victory stand. They were cheered by one and all. Ashlin house was in the lead and eventually emerged victorious. The events were finished off with the most energetic and cheered tug of war between the various houses and a special round with the visiting old boys of 81’ who also graced the event.

Prizes and medal distribution is part of ceremony as it helps to boost the confidence of students. Prizes were awarded to the winners by the Principal, Chief Guest and other honoured invitees. Thereafter the chief guest, a very humble Mr. Barucha gave a short speech. His words of wisdom, specially drawn from his own personal life were inspiring to say the least. This was followed by the speech given by our Principal Mr. Wilfred Noronha who did not fail to appreciate each and every individual who made this event a great success.


Winners of the REX CUPS:

Novices: Arav Agarwal

Midgets: Sanskar Kasurde

Junior:    Purshottam Pol

Middles: Kaushik Ghosekar

Seniors:  Devendra Raghuvanshi & Priyanshu Mittal