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St. Peter's School


Established 1904

  • Phone : (021) 68 241584 / 240313

St. Peter's School


Established : 1904

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St. Peter’s presents a unique learning experience to its students by allowing them to explore the fundamentals of various academic subjects through its diverse departments. To provide our students with the attention they deserve, each classroom seats up to 25 students. In addition to daily lectures and class work, we encourage interactive learning through presentations, assignments and debates. Furthermore, each classroom is provided with a Smart Board, to enable a visual learning experience to the students.

Our students are our priority; therefore, our faculty ensures that all children receive equal attention and sufficient space and time to grasp concepts. Moreover, teachers hold remedial classes for students who require extra attention, and all students are given an additional opportunity to prove themselves. We also encourage our students to participate in academic competitions and examinations such as the Science Olympiad Exam, Maharashtra State Board Drawing Examinations and many others.

St. Peter’s is divided into the following academic departments with a dedicated head for each department:

Commerce Department

Stirring our young stakeholders to study the basics of business, the Commerce Department covers everything in the books from managing accounts to understanding economics.

Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department strives to divide the students’ problems, multiply smart solutions, subtract the fear of failure, and sum up all possibilities while adding fun to learning.

Science Department

Inculcating a sense of curiosity and a spirit of scientific inquiry, the Science Department encourages our budding scientists to question the world around them as it comes alive through observation and experimentation facilitated by hands-on activities in our well-equipped and modern Science lab.
Furthermore, growing concerns about our environment require our students’ attention. As the future inhabitants of our planet, environmental studies (EVS) are important for understanding how to protect and preserve the world.

Social Studies Department

Through various ages across diverse terrains, the Social Studies Department takes the young wanderers on a journey to view the world and its cultural heritage from historical and current perspectives, while preparing them to be abiding citizens in future.

Art Department

We help you to draw your path.
Re-discover shades of appreciation and imagination. We assist you in painting a success story.
Welcome to the Art Department.

English Department

The English Department aims to enrich our students with both reading and writing skills, stressing mainly on the grammatical and phonetic aspects of the language. This results in the student being able to communicate, orally and in writing, confidently.

Hindi/Marathi Department

Ensuring that our students are rooted in Indian culture, the Hindi/Marathi Department brings to life the literary genius of poets and authors writing in the Devanagari script.

Computer Department

Keeping tabs and giving commands are a normal in this department.
There are codes to obey. We stand by our Word.
We help you Excel in the growing world of technology.
Welcome to the Computer Department.

Physical Education

Ensuring that our students remain active and stress-free, the Physical Education Department trains the youth to have a healthy mind and body.

Music Department

We show you how to pitch perfectly. Being vocal will come naturally. Take notes. Timing is the key.
We teach our students the universal language of music and train them to sing together.
An orchestra of guitars, violins and keyboards will greet you.
Welcome to the Music Department.